50L Smoke moth alder


50 liter package of smoke moth ELs has a soft nutty taste with a hint of vanilla. Tastes delicious with fish, hams and bacon.


The 50 liter smoke moth Alder has a soft nutty taste with a small hint of vanilla. Good to use with fish, hams and bacon. Our smoke moth is 100% natural and specially produced for smoking. The smoke moth is shredded and dried well because it must have a very low moisture content. So it is not the sawdust that remains from a sawmill, because this actually has a high moisture content. Smoke Moth Alder gives your dishes a wonderfully unique taste. If you use the Borniak Smoke Generator, a 2 liter pack will last more than 8 hours of smoking. Very efficient. The 50 liter package from Els consists of 25 bags of 2 liters.

Packaging units 2 litres  10 litres  50 litres
1 bag 5 pockets 25 bags


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Weight 18 kg


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